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Can you comprehend the Euphoria I am experiencing?


eh, depends what’s spurring on the euphoria. Did you just realise you’ve got an extra week to complete your assignments? Then yes. Did you just realise how fantastic your lifestyle is now that you identify as vegan? Then no.

childhood punishments and pokemon

As children, we often make choices which lead to consequences. Sometimes these consequences happen naturally (don’t tie your shoe – trip and scrape a knee), while other times they involve parental intervention to take place. Usually these interventions are needed so the kids don’t turn out to be complete turdnuggets, yet sometimes in hindsight we’re still left wondering why we were punished. To be fair, parenting is probably the most difficult thing to do – and it’s not like a baby comes bundled with a ‘How To Raise Your Child’ manual when it pops out a uterus.

The most I’ve ever feared my parentals (my father in particular) in regards to oncoming punishment occurred when I was sevenish. I had my new friend Colin over to stay the night. The family decided that it would be a fine idea for everyone to hang out together, eat a pizza, and watch a movie for the night’s activities. However, somehow my sister ended up with the power to choose the movie from our well-worn VHS collection. Being the standard 5 year old, she chose her favourite video – ‘Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch’.

For those readers who were never raised into the Air Bud series of movies, allow me to enlighten you to their premise. Essentially, the original Air Bud movie revolved around a boy getting a golden retriever dog, who turned out to be a star basketball athlete. With every movie, a new sport was shown to be in the dog’s repertoire. This Buddy film was the fourth in the series, and involved the dog playing baseball, getting kidnapped, and eventually becoming a member of the Los Angeles Angles Major League Baseball team. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

Colin hadn’t seen the movie 5000 times before like I had, so he was pretty fascinated by the pro-athlete pup. I however, whipped out my original Gameboy and booted up my game of Pokémon Red, playing by the light of those lamp-cable chords that attached to the top of the system.  Now, being seven and not really all that up to scratch with a game which is like 50% reading, I skipped most of what characters would say. This isn’t helpful when you have to navigate through Mt Moon. I’ll spare you the details – basically you need to take one step to illuminate a cave to get past its puzzles and twisty halls. I never lit up the cave, instead I spent hours upon hours of wandering aimlessly. I literally stared at a black screen hoping I was getting somewhere for hours.

Anyway, by the end of the movie, I had somehow managed to actually get through the entire cave system. I can’t really explain just how overjoyed I was with this achievement. Hours of work had just payed off. Well, turns out my parents weren’t really all that happy with me not offering to share my Gameboy with Colin throughout the entire movie. They called me on it while we were rewinding the VHS, and so naturally I offered the brick of plastic to my friend for a few minutes.

He handed the game system back to me in a powered off state. Powered. Off. For those of you following along at home, that means I wasn’t the one to follow the customary procedure of saving the game before powering down. As it turns out, Colin didn’t save. That means those hours of aimless wandering were now undone. I felt that fantastic gut-drop when you realise you’ve lost something dear. However, that wasn’t it. On the way up to my bedroom, my parents casually noted that for being inconsiderate there would be more consequences. I wasn’t feeling all that great when I climbed into bed.

Now, a couple of days went past. Every time I saw my dad, I got super nervous, and would try to slip away from view – hoping that his words from the sleepover would be forgotten. Walking on eggshells was hard work, but if it meant I could avoid some restriction I’d take it. I had just settled into a false sense of security, when I was walking down to breakfast one morning. Halfway down the staircase I realised my father was waiting for me at the base. I froze. Eyes locked. My knees started shaking. My hands went clammy. I feared for my Charmeleon and what would come of him.

‘I haven’t forgotten’ were the only words he spoke before moving on into the kitchen. In that moment, I was more fearful than I’ve ever been before. The likelihood of the matter is that my parents probably didn’t realise how traumatic this was for me. In the end I think they took away my Gameboy for a day or something. I don’t know. That’s not the point.

The point of this all is that what’s not scary for some people is downright terrifying for others. Social anxiety, depression, poverty, etc – it’s all out there, and more often than not you have a lot of people in your life struggling, and you might not even know it. Keep an eye/ear/nose out for them, and help out where you can. Don’t overthink things too much, but try to be a little sensitive. A little can go a long way.

rip to the clefairy that was never given a chance

dang it kyle

Spanning the entirety of humanity, there is one lesson that each and every single person will learn fairly early on in their lives. Thousands of songs have been dedicated to it, and in there is never a sitcom that doesn’t deal with the premise at least once. Books reach the top-selling ranks by offering emotional support to those effected. Bloggers whine about their own past experiences.

The fact is, life is unfair. It’s a common lesson, that most of us learn in very different ways. A loved one dies. A baby bird falls out of its nest. Your younger sibling puts the blame on you. All that remains of the party-ordered pizza is meatlovers - and you’re a vegetarian. 

This is the tale of how I was reminded that life was unfair, and that people will betray you just to get what they want. STARING 3rd GRADE CAMDEN.

For those unaware, I was in the 5th grade when my family moved to Australia (which promptly changed my education structure to Grade 5, etc.). My elementary schooling took place at 2 different public schools, as my family moved into a different school zone after a few years. Now, the cultural make up of my class might be a little different to what most of my fellow Australian students would be used to. It was like 1/4 Anglosaxon, 1/4 African American, 1/4 Hispanic, and a remaining 1/4 made up of students who had just moved countries and didn’t speak English. 

Since such a large amount of students were coming in from places like Turkey, Japan, Thailand, etc, the school thought it best to boot up a little initiative called the ‘Student Ambassador’ program. Essentially, it took friendly students and had them show the new kids around the school, and try to explain the purpose of everything going on. (like seriously, can you imagine how terrifying it would be to move to a country with a completely different language and culture, and instantly be thrown into the education system?).

Anyway, I was selected to represent my class - so on one winter day I was called to the office to look after a girl who had just moved up from some place in South America (I’m not being rude by generalizing, my memory is just hazy on specifics). On the tour, we were supposed to visit the school guidance councilor. Her role was to look after the emotional needs of the students. Visiting her office was the best part of the Ambassador program, as you were usually rewarded with a pencil and some kind of candy. In this case, I was rewarded with a red Airhead. That’s right. The best flavour, of the best treat (for an 8 year old anyway don’t judge).

After the tour had ended, we both went to the class that was currently in session - Physical Education. At this point in time, we were still blessed with the awesome teacher who got us to play dodgeball and kickball (the following year we were cursed with a teacher who did nothing but try to raise the physical fitness standards). So up to this point in the story - I skipped English and Math to show a new kid around, got some free candy, and was about to play the best game ever. Leaving the airhead in the folder containing all the information booklets for the new kid, I jumped right into the fun.

Post-tail-kicking in dodgeball, I moved to grab the folder with my delicious treat - lunch was going to be amazing today. However, of course, leaving a folder unattended for half an hour was risky business. Everyone knew about the perks of being an SA, so I should have been on guard. I asked the new student if she had seen the person who had taken it. She pointed to Kyle.

I asked Kyle. He said no. Then he said maybe. Then he said yes and ran off, leaving behind nothing but the scent of cherry and my hungering sweet tooth. Dang it Kyle.

life is unfair

(note: I’m not actually this spoiled, I’m just recounting it in this manner for what I consider to be comical purposes)

i would give this person my kidney if they needed it.

3/3 for my uni project. semester over whoopwhoop!

i would vote this man for president

#2 of 3 images for my uni class


i would follow this man to the ends of the earth

(photoshop project I made for uni - brainfartsaloud.tumblr.com

Good ol Flinders St Station #photography #melbourne #blackandwhite #buildings #architecture

How To Be A Good Design Student

this much is true with 99% of my course anyway

one hundred facts about me

  1. All of my names are Gaelic
  2. Camden = By the winding valley
  3. Tate = One who brings happiness
  4. Drennan = Blackthorn
  5. My dad wanted to name me Ulysses
  6. If I ever have a son, I plan on naming him Ulysses
  7. I was named after a baseball stadium - Camden Yards
  8. I was born in the USA
  9. My accent just won’t die
  10. Thankfully people don’t usually mind it (it gets mixed up with an Canadian accents because it’s fairly neutral)
  11. Moved to Australia when I was 11 with my family
  12. I like the patriotism of the USA better, but I like the lifestyle of Australia better
  13. I like videogames. Mainly Pokémon & The Legend of Zelda
  14. I also play an unhealthily large amount of TF2
  15. Music pretty much controls my mood, so I listen to it 24/7
  16. I try to be good at playing music, but in reality I just don’t have the dedication to routinely practice
  17. I play the banjo, ukulele, and guitar
  18. My favourite band since childhood has been Relient K
  19. Pomplamoose, Mumford & Sons, and Paramore all run a close second place
  20. I have my own radio show
  21. If a band can pull off a decent cover, I will love them
  22. I essentially live on reddit
  23. Chocolate is my kryptonite
  24. Anything with vinegar makes me gag - it’s literally Satan’s spit
  25. Tartar sauce can and should be applied to every form of cuisine
  26. Eating breakfast always makes me queezy, so I skip it because big lunches are better instead
  27. A majority of my wardrobe consists of different shades of grey - not 50 of them though
  28. I tend to be sarcastic and love perceiving the world through a lens of irony
  29. My greatest fear is of bridges
  30. The next fear is of vampires (mostly in nightmares)
  31. The final fear is of haircuts - so many bad ones have taken place
  32. I’m studying at university to become a designer
  33. I don’t know what specialization/field of design I want to go in to
  34. Probably desktop publishing & printing or game design
  35. I don’t watch much TV, but when I get hooked on a series I binge watch it all in 2 days
  36. I watch Doctor Who, Community, Parks & Rec, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, and 30 Rock (still getting caught up on the last one)
  37. Psych and the USA version of The Office are still the best, as is Full Metal Alchemist and Avatar TLAB
  38. If you can say something quick and witty when introducing yourself we will be best friends for life
  39. Puns are better than giving me money
  40. Humour is a 10/10
  41. I love both taking part and watching dramatic theatre
  42. When I get tired my speech gets seriously muddled and words just pour out in the wrong order
  43. I rarely get more than 4 hours sleep
  44. My favourite book series is ‘A Foundling’s Tale’ by DM Cornish - even though it’s for young adults the author just creates such a fantastic world that it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in it
  45. Clubbing isn’t my thing - neither is a lot of wubwubwubwuwbuwbwub music
  46. I much prefer a pub or just staying in and playing board games
  47. If you are trying to push a friend out of your life, play either Monopoly or Mario Party with them
  48. Pop culture is my thing
  49. Blue Beetle > Deadpool
  50. Spider-Man is the best Marvel hero
  51. My favourite animals are birds (especially owls - barn owls are the best)
  52. I don’t understand the whole sticker-on-snapback thing
  53. My favourite colour is brown - yeah, like a coffee shop brown, not a pooey one
  54. The best days are when every assignment has been turned in, you have the day off work, and can just lie in bed while reading a book - extra points if it’s cold and rainy
  55. Winter is 10000000000x better than summer
  56. A good coat is my favourite article of clothing
  57. An unstable internet connection makes me question homicide
  58. Raspberry & Pepsi Max creates the most fantastic drink
  59. When I was younger I was really into radio theatre and voice acting - I still consider it as a career option
  60. Apple is terrible
  61. Google is fantastic
  62. Valve is better than all
  63. Redheads 10/10
  64. Benedict Cumberbatch and RDJ are brilliant actors
  65. Exploring the city with friends is possibly my favourite pastime
  66. Tea is the beverage of champions, and I embrace it wholly (chai & mint whoopwhoop)
  67. I can wiggle my ears
  68. My eyes are bluey-grey with a yellow ring around the pupil - weird
  69. I have hair that makes it look as though I’ve been electrocuted, and I like it that way
  70. The smell of cigarette smoke makes me make an about-to-sneeze face
  71. I have more than one person I consider to be my ‘best friend’
  72. I’m a messy person, but I usually know exactly where everything is
  73. If I can, I buy all of my technology with red colouring
  74. I’m an introvert who likes being around people - so long as get time to myself to ‘recharge’
  75. Very rarely am I stressed
  76. Dogs > Cats
  77. I’m like 6”2 I think (the hair adds another inch or two
  78. I like Pepsi more than Coca-Cola
  79. I like cider more than beer
  80. My computer is super-amazing and top of the line, but I use a keyboard from the early 2000’s because I can’t be bothered spending more money on it
  81. Nighttime is the best time
  84. Hugs are acceptable/enjoyable if I’m close friends with a person - if not, please refrain from touching me
  85. Sometimes I fear that I have ‘special needs’ but everybody is just being super nice to me and not telling me about it
  86. My favourite childhood toys were LEGO bricks, and I still think they’re awesome (even if they don’t get played with anymore)
  87. Every year I get a calendar which features cows doing people-things (like being super heros, famous people from history, etc)
  88. Math is not my strong-suit
  89. I don’t dance (at least, not in at parties and such - I am yet to try ballroom dancing)
  90. I used to sing a lot when I was younger - then my voice broke and I haven’t tried to seriously sing since
  91. I’m starting to get into photography, and am really enjoying it
  92. I lead a youth group for kids to chill out and get away from normal life and just have rowdy fun
  93. Up until the age of 13 I used to constantly get the ‘croup’ (essentially a children’s form of bronchitis) - it made me cough like a seal
  94. My feet are size 14 in EU sizing
  95. Shoe shopping is difficult
  96. I can’t pull off hats and just look stupid in them
  97. I believe in paying for quality
  98. I won’t turn down good Asian food (pretty much any kind)
  99. I really wish I had a Scottish accent
  100. I can procrastinate like nobody’s business

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